Our Vision

Education, not shame.

In a perfect world, every dog on the planet would be living in the comfort of their human’s home; snuggled up on the couch or snoring from their dog bed. However, this isn’t how things are at all.

Our team members have witnessed the evil and harsh reality of what dogs endure in this cruel world. They are the voice for these helpless animals and at times also a savior. Our team is comprised of passionate souls that want nothing more than the welfare for the dogs in the community to be treated fairly, kindly, and at the very least humanly.

At the very start of 2019, a group of animal rescuers in Waco, Tx set out on a mission to help members of the community to take better care of their backyard dogs. With no shelter, these dogs stood helplessly in the rain, bared the wind with no protection, and curled up in a ball in hopes of staying warm at night. They went out searching for used dog houses or igloo shelters, collected old blankets and straw, and gave them to the homeowner at no cost.

This act of kindness became a regular thing and within a matter of weeks, donations from various companies, individuals, and groups started pouring in…giving Cribs for Canines enough materials to make 200 dog houses. The intent was to place the houses throughout McLennan County, to dogs in need of shelter.

The mission isn’t just protect the dogs. Dog ownership requires a large amount of responsibility : food, water, and shelter. Public laws are in place to prevent dogs from going without but it is often overlooked and ignored. Cribs for Canines want owners to keep their dogs, and by providing them the means to take care of their dogs properly: they keep dogs in good homes, off of the streets, and out of the shelter.