Dog Houses

DOG HOUSES ARE CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE TO MCLENNAN COUNTY RESIDENTS> We are attempting to expand, please be patient with us as we make our way outside the county.

Requests for Dog Houses

Our initiative does not sell dog houses but will consider providing a dog house at no cost to McLennan community members. Please follow the link to REQUEST a dog house. Our team members work hard doing community outreach and determining a need. Our houses are placed through a case by case basis.

If you believe an animal is not being sheltered properly you have these options:

1. Confront the dog owner and offer solutions to the manner.

2. Contact local animal control.

Reporting a need for Dog Houses

Fill out the REPORT form by following the link and provide us as much information as possible. We cannot react in the same manner that animal control can but we may be able to assist in the process. In this case, we will not provide you an update of further actions taken by the initiative or if law enforcement was involved.

Donations or Information Requests

We will provide you information about the initiative, where donations can be given, or if we are able to help.