Thank you for your Donation…

Hello Sponsor! (or soon to be)

First of all we’d like to thank you for your support, we couldn’t do this without your generosity and kindness! 

 Cribs for Canines is an initiative that began in January 2019 with the intention to provide free dog houses to dogs that were chained or kept outside and did not have adequate shelter as required by the city of Waco. We were given some shipping crates, tools, materials, and a workshop that allowed us to push out nearly 20 doghouses in the second week of existence. In order for us to continue, we need more donations of materials. Our goal is to continue this work in the community, educating dog owners about their pet’s welfare and keeping these dogs out of the shelters, off the streets, and kept in loving homes.

We are not a Non-Profit 501.c3 organization…yet, but working on becoming that…so your donations as of right now cannot be a tax deduction. Our initiative matured in less than 30 days, we’ve made huge milestones in reaching Non-Profit status in a quickly growing environment. 

We appreciate any help we receive but we do have excess of some items and nothing of others. Items needed at the present time are listed below.  However; we are able to accept Home Depot, Lowe’s , or McCoy’s gift cards or cash donations at any  time for the purchase of materials.

With these items we will have the ability to keep our initiative going and growing.

If you have items or resources that you may think we need, please fill out the form to let us know about them on the CONTACT page.

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Shipping Crates

Any size



15/32 Inch Thick in 4x8 Sheets


Commercial Curtains

We use these to cover the doghouse doorways