Success Stories

The first houses are on the ground.


1. Lady Gets Her House


Lady is a vivacious rambunctious happy girl.  One day she noticed her makeshift house just was not cuttin’ it anymore. It was broken down and no longer providing warmth. Lady is a dog, not human so she had no way to tell her daddy she needed a new house.  Each day dad Eric would come out to feed and water Lady and her brother Major, and each time she would look at him and try to tell him “dad we need new cribs” but dad was so overwhelmed with being a new human daddy, trying to work and go to school.  No fault of dad, he just was so tired and was doing all he could to keep his family safe.  Lady would just pray and tell Major “dad will get us a better crib soon, just hang on”.

Lady and Major talked daily and they heard through the grapevine that dog houses were being built, soon they heard that dad and mom had been contacted by Cribs for Canines. 

HOLY MOLY on February 7th, 2019 Lady and Major became the first recipients of dog houses built by Cribs for Canines.

That evening Lady and Major heard the truck rollup with their new CRIBS in tow. Two men came over and set up their houses, with hay. Lady and Major did so much tail wagging that day, they were plum worn out.  Even  a wonderful news lady named Rissa Shaw shared their story on the news that night.  Lady and Major slept warm that night and have enjoyed their new cribs every day since.   Lady and Major send their thanks and love to Cribs for Canines.  

“Holy moly”

— Quote from stroy


2. McLennan County